Beyond Birdies: A Beginner's Guide to Golf Lingo

Beyond Birdies: A Beginner's Guide to Golf Lingo

We get it - golf can be intimidating, and sure, there are a LOT of things to know! This blog post outlined all the golf terms we could think of to make sure you feel confident on the course! 


  • Celebrate like a pro when you score a birdie – that's one stroke under par for the hole. The average PGA Tour player averages 4-5 birdies per round, while the LPGA averages 3.22 per round. 


  • Feeling stuck in the sand? Welcome to the bunker, a hazard filled with soft sand that can turn a simple shot into a sandy challenge. There are lots of hacks to conquer the bunker shot - check out YouTube for visuals and tips!! After hitting your shot, you must rake after yourself  there’s no trace of where you hit your shot.  


  • When you finish a hole in the expected number of strokes, you've had a par. Consider it a reason to celebrate! You’re basically perfect. 


  • Sometimes luck isn't on your side, and you finish a hole in more strokes than par. That's a bogey. Don't worry; even the pros have their bogey days. If you bogey every hole, you will shoot a 45 on 9 holes, or 90 on 18 holes. Don’t fret, scores of 90-108 are the average all amateur golfers. 


  • We all wish for a do-over sometimes. In golf, a mulligan is a second chance to take a shot without penalty. It's not official, but it's a golf tradition to give friends a mulligan when the first swing doesn't quite cut it. Do not take or recommend a mulligan if there is a group waiting behind you, since this will slow pace of play. 


  • Fairway to Heaven baby. This is the middle of the hole you are currently on, recognizable by its perfectly cut grass, like a path you’re supposed to be on. 


  • Pretty self explanatory, this is rough grass, much thicker than the desirable fairway. These shots are tougher to hit. You will likely not hit the ball as far here as you would have in the fairway, and that’s ok! Focus on getting the ball to a realistic spot and move on to the next shot. 


  • This is another name for the “flag”, which sits atop the “hole”. Getting it closest to the pin is your ultimate goal in the game of golf. 

False Front:

  • The grass between the fairway and the green. Some golfers chip from here, while others choose to putt. Do what makes you feel most comfortable, as there is no right or wrong! 
The 19th Hole:
  • True golfers know the game doesn't end on the 18th hole. The 19th hole is where you relax, recap the game, and maybe enjoy a refreshing beverage. It's the perfect way to end a day on the links.

There you have it, golf rookies! You're now equipped with golf lingo to fit right in.