What does Kilo Tango mean?

What does Kilo Tango mean?

Fantastic question. 

My name is Katie, so in college a lot of friends referred to me as "KT". Yes I know, a two syllable name doesn't need an abbreviation but lol. My college coach would often say before tournaments "just play KT golf". What she meant by this was play your game, get out of your head, and get in your zone.

Fast forward to designing a golf brand. Some of the names out there sound a little....cheap. When I first though of KT Golf, I realized it didn't roll off the tongue easily. How about a golf term? I wondered. After a quick google search, it appeared that all the positive golf terms were taken, which led me to realize how many negative-connotation words there are in golf. Positivity only! :)

So...how did I land on Kilo Tango? My brother is a pilot in the Marine Corps, so he uses the NATO phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta...). KT. Kilo Tango. It rolled right off the tongue and seemed to work.

Like I image with most businesses, it was a text to my closest friends and family that gave me the confirmation I needed. I asked, "I know it sounds silly...but what about Kilo Tango?". I was met with instant positivity. "I don't know why, but I like it", and my dad unexpectedly said "that's it, that's the one". 

After a quick google search, I found what appeared to be a heavy metal band named Kilo Tango, which was such a stark contrast from my brand that frankly I didn't even mind. From then on, it was Kilo Tango, and some things will always be "so Kilo Tango", like the Palm Beach Par 3, colorful cocktails, and so on. I love the brand and I love the people it attracts. I can't wait to build it further, connect with customers, and design pieces that are easy go-to for female golfers.